First experience with vaping

I am almost in my 30’s and I have never used a vaping device ever before. However, I was looking for something that was safer than cigarettes but still had the hard or smooth hitting flavor that I enjoyed (depending upon my mood). So I took to the web and did a lot of research on the type of vaping device I would want to use. I had three options

1. The “look like a cigarette” E-Cig
2. The ego battery that kind of resembles a thick mechanical pen in my opinion.
3. The Mod Vaper that has a mechanical box attached to the stem that looks like it’s from the ego battery choice.

They are slightly difficult to describe without a picture but hopefully you get the idea. Anyway, for my personal preference I went with the ego battery choice. Then my next step was to order my FIRST EVER device. My friend suggest a site that I have never heard of “Space Jam’s eJuice”. It is the most AMAZING site to get pretty much ANYTHING you need to begin your journey. For me I was a bit over whelmed but I worked my way through the anxiety of my new adventure with the sites easy to maneuver page.

I chose Space Jam’s eJuice standard kit which was totally way less than I expected so that meant that I could spend even more on the flavor’s (also way less than I expected) and get more options to try out. The flavors ranged from standard menthol to sweet and savory bakery options. I am totally a standard girly girl and I went for the bakery options. So I ordered a couple different options and then I placed my order.


Within a week of placing my order I got my shipment. The excitement that rose within me was almost like a kid on Christmas morning lol. The easy to assemble product and easy to pour liquid went right in with no dripping. I was READY to take my first vaping trip.( I’d like to add that I have not had a cigarette since I placed my order)Anyways, I placed the device up to my lips and inhaled and OH MY GOD, I now know that there is heaven on earth. It was so smooth and hard hitting at the same time. I did not know it was possible. As I held my breath and then slowly released the vape I knew right then and there, I will NEVER go back to smoking cigarettes EVER again.